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D A N C E   W I T H   M G D C
We are located at
445 Gordon Drive,
Moulton, AL 3565
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welcome to my girls dance center!
welcome to my girls dance center!
We are located at
445 Gordon Drive,
Moulton, AL 35650

Class Levels and Age Groups 
*Please note this is a generally recommended guide to class levels. MGDC staff may suggest a higher or lower level class for your dancers based on experience, maturity, skill, etc.  Please contact us if you have any questions about your dancer's class level.
Classes Offered

Tiny Tot Combo
Pre-K and Kindi Ballet/ Tap Combo
Pre-K and Kindi Jazz/ Hip-Hop Combo
Pre-K and Kindi Tumble
Ballet Levels I-V 
Jazz Levels I-V
Lyrical/ Contemporary Levels III-V
Hip-Hop Levels I-V
Tumble Levels I-V
Tap Levels I-II
Technique Levels II-V
Tiny Tots :   Ages 2 - 3 years 

Pre-K + Kindi Classes:  Ages 4 - 6 years, Pre-K and Kindergarten  

Level I: Ages 6 - 8 years, 1st - 2nd Grade

Level II: Ages 8 - 11 years, 3rd - 6th Grade

Level III: Ages 10 - 14 years, 5th - 8th Grade

Level IV: Ages 12 - 16 years, 6th - 10th Grade

Level V: Ages 13 - 18 years, 8th - 12th Grade